Six Important Steps to Make Your Blog Successful

Posted on Sunday, July 5, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Hi, friends of this blog. How are you today? I hope your good and success is always with you. You see the Google Page Rank this blog in my sidebar? Number is still zero at this time. He ... he ... And Alexa Traffic Rank number is still high. But, I'm not too concerned with that. I just always want to write content that people find useful. That is one of the goals we are all blogging. Providing the best for mankind. Therefore, you do not need to feel low self with your blog content. For some people may be content your blog is just normal. But, for others may be very useful. Always write things that are useful. A time, people will give appreciation to your blog. You agree?

I am sure, continue to do that, at any time, Google Page Rank of this blog surely rise, and the number Alexa Traffic Rank is increasingly small. Does not believe? Always visit this blog. He ... he ...

Okay, just prior to its introduction. By the way, have you read my posting this? This time we discuss "how the process?", or more precisely "how to manage?". This is I called “Six Important Steps to Make Your Blog Successful”. Please read the following carefully.

1. Preparation

There are two things you need to have in the preparation stage, the information and mentality. Many of the information you need to have. But, is the most necessary information about the target market of your blog. Information about this will determine the content of blogs or topics you select. Your blog is your product, while the readers of your blog is a market of your blog. Clear? Before you launch your product, you need to know the market conditions that will be your heading, whether the potential market or not. If not, your blog will not be read by people. Next, you will face obstacles when marketing your blog. This is definitive. There is no business without the constraints. Your mental readiness in the face of constraint is what is called the mentality.

2. Getting Started

At this stage, two things you should have, that is aggressive and perseverance. Its your aggressive, driven by energy in the physical you. Perseverance driven by your confidence and morale. Both inter-related. Managing a blog, without them before, be sure your blog has been stopped at this time. You are never up-date again.

3. Stabilizing

At this stage must be reached break-even point (BEP). Oops! Hold on! Achieve BEP I mean here is not the same as for the BEP business offline. Reached with the BEP does not mean that the money immediately flows directly to your pocket, and costs you remove the back. BEP achieve in managing the blog is when all your efforts to evaluate and correction of your blog, whether it is about content, your blog template, or other matters, your efforts are balanced with the increase in the number of visitors to your blog. Enough to here the first explanation of this. Let us continue in the next section.

4. Stabilize

Manage your blog faithful visitor. Keep your blog traffic. When a visitor you have a blog blog, visit their blog also. When visitors leave comments, give a wise response to their comments. And, if necessary, tease it with their comments on the page. Create content that is always interesting and useful. Create your visitors like to visit your blog. Follow the schedule that you created the post. This will always make them come to your blog.

5. Growth

When your blog traffic increase, the search engine when it is familiar with your blog. At that time, readers of your blog is not only the blogger, but also those seeking information on the internet. When they search for information related to the keyword your blog, your blog when it is found. Also at that time, visitors to your blog growing and growing. When it is, the ads on the blog you will click on them. Because they also search for other information similar to the content of your blog. Google Adsense is usually always display the ads that are relevant to your blog content. Or, if you have a product, they buy products that you carry in your blog. When that is the money flowing to your bag. And that is the time, the success of your business through blogs enjoy. He ... he ... At this stage, what happens is called the efficiency. What is efficiency? This efficiency has been a problem I described in my posting of this.

6. Develop

Develop the topic you blog readers who reach for more. May also subject you to add your hobby. No problem, if the content of your blog, for example, is a combination of marketing and food topics. By doing so, market your readers can also be larger. Not only the interests of blog marketing, but it is also a hobby with the food. And you can also post occasionally associated with the second topic. For example "marketing blog through foods " or "food marketing through blogs."

How? Easy is not it? He.. he.. Of easy when you read this paper, but it's not easy to do. All need patience and perseverance. If you are patient and diligent, you will achieve success. You agree?

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an4k`SinGKonG says:

nice post sobat..
salam kenal, kunjungan balik yak....

MJ says:

hi! very informative post. i'll use these tips in my blog thanks!

Khery Sudeska says:

Thanks, friends. Hopefully useful for you. Enjoy it...!

NOAH says:

thanks for visiting my blog,

this article can help a lot of blogers especially me who are just a beginner,

thanks and keep it up..

nurmanCKisser says:

nice post..hope we can share information about those tips



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