How to Start?

Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

First, I apologize to friends who had often visited this blog. This post may be slightly delayed from the schedule. This is because of my busy working on my other, I can not be online for a few days. I wish to thank my friends in the BlogCatalog, especially purnachender and Ellie Great always visit here. What you do has helped improve the traffic this blog. He..he... Once again, thanks.

You have read my posting this? This time, we discuss "how to start." Once again, I do not intend to teach. What I submit is that I intend to share ideas. And if you are willing, let's discuss together. Since I'm sure, your knowledge about this issue far better than me.

This is the most fundamental question in business, how to start a business? The practical, business is learning by doing. No need to wait for the most intelligent ideas to come to your head. Waiting for the perfect idea will only delay came and spent a lot of the time. No one is really new in this world. What is said is actually just a new combination of old ideas. No more and no less.

Thus, learning by doing. Yes, you will also learn while working on what you learned. In the process of evaluation and correction of business going on, the better business.

However, some preparation must be done to answer the question "how start a business?". What is?

1. A clear goal. The purpose of a goal that is clearly the reasons, values, and also including confidence in your business or start a business.

2. Mental preparation. This is related to the soul, moral, and determination. They must ignites, steady, and strong. Because of the risk that you will face not only the risk of failure, but also the risks of success or victory. Failure and success will have impact on your business. Not believe? Try it out.

3. Moral backbone. Moral indicated a strong business with honesty, diligent, industrious, intelligent work, and work ethics.

4. Knowledge. The necessary knowledge concerning the technical, managerial, and financial. If your offline business, corporate governance is also needed.

5. Management and legal administration. Online business does not deal with too many administrative and legal. That is one of the benefits of online business. But, the other as if your business offline.

6. Self-Reliance, self-help, and cooperativeness.

I am sure, you sure are very familiar. In fact, it may be beyond my understanding. If you have a different opinion, let's discuss.

6 Responses to "How to Start?":

Mikes Sumondong says:

Having A GOAL is the most vital part in every endeavor. Having it makes you reach your goal. Thanks for sharing!

Khery Sudeska says:

Yeah..., I agree, friend. That's right!

Raymond Lee says:

U are right men , look like i need to have all this to start my own business..

Khery Sudeska says:

@Raymond Lee : Get a succes, my friend. Keep it...

forexwatch says:

I must congratulate you for the good start. Congratulations. Welcome aboard.

Khery Sudeska says:

@forexwatch: Thanks, my friend...

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