Six Types of Articles That Will Make Your Blog Popular

Posted on Thursday, July 9, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

My friends, readers of this blog. In the introduction to my post, a few days ago, I invite you to see the number Alexa Traffic Rank of this blog. Today, try to see you again Alexa Traffic Rank is. Has decreased significantly. Why? Because I discuss Alexa Traffic Rank. Discuss Alexa Traffic Rank is a way that number go down fast. Does not believe? Try it you write a bit about Alexa Traffic Rank. View only number a few days after that.

Okay. Today, I want to explain something very important for the progress of your blog. What is? Blog content. Yes, this content on your blog. Like the body, have a blog supporting the main foundation of it's life. You know what that means? Yes, your article. If you do not keep good this, your blog can be paralyzed. As a result, you may lose a very loyal visitor. Visitors will not waste time reading your blog if the content is not interesting and not useful.

Blogs popular, usually have the type of article such as this;

1. Article "How to". Article explains how this type of case the "A", or how to solve the problem "A". In short, this article includes a concept to complete a problem. Therefore, many articles of this type of title with the prefix "How". If you want to write an article like this, make sure you are correct understanding of the problems that you want to give a solution. If not, an explanation of the problems that you submit will not find a point of light. Not only will you lose, you blog readers will also participate astray. Eg if the problem is the problem "A", make sure you really understand the problem "A", truly practice it "A". Basically, you are really experienced in the "A". Example of my articles with this type can be read here.

2. Articles definitions. Usually, people who write articles of this type of predicate experts have. But, the harmless if you would like to try. I support it for you, so is the expert in the field that you do at this time. This type of article, explains the definition of a case or explain the history of a case. For example, the definition of "B" and historical "B". To explain the "B", you can also add links to other sites, such as Wikipedia. But, my advice, explain the definition "B" with the way you are unique and different, so that your blog is not abandoned by the visitor. You can also add your opinion about the "B", or interesting experiences you about the "B". Articles of this type is usually preferred by the Newbies, because they need to know things fundamental. So, if your blog with articles such as this, you have a blog reader market itself.

3. Article opinion. Articles of this type is suitable for a blog topic political, economic, or other social problems. With the type of article such as this, you want free speech of any kind. Pare the issues on defense, security, industry, and others. You are free to think about the various theories. It is up to you, would like to speak from the point of view anywhere. Your own blog. He ... he ... In fact, if want to talk about capitalism, democracy, or even of communism, also may. But, remember! Do not just cite opinions of others. Also submit your own opinion. There is the excess rate your blog. To be more interesting, add the controversial elements in any posts you. If only cite the opinion, your blog will not be unique. If you want to see the articles of the type I like this, you can view them on my blog this one. But, the blog is in Indonesian language.

4. e-course for free. Yes, free e-course. Examples such as this, if you blog about the theme of food, then create a course on cooking procedure, or provide a food. For example, "cheap and easy way to make chicken soup with your own hands." Or, if you blog about the fashion theme, create an article entitled "The clothes make unique with your own hands." To make visitors curious about your blog, you can create a method with the article continued.

5. Article form the list. Title of the article are generally shaped like this; "Seven steps ....", or" Four way ....", or "Three tricks ....", and so on. Articles that I write this is one of examples of this type. Other example, which this article. What are the advantages of this type of article? First, visitors to your blog will be easier to understand the contents. Because the material and discussion is available in the form of a list or sequence. Second, the articles of this type is often a link to another blogger. Easy to increase your blog traffic with the type of any posts like this. Your blog visitors will be more crowded. But, remember! Once again, make any posts with your own style is unique.

6. Technical articles. Articles of this type is usually found on the blog often with the theme of technology, or blog tutorial. Articles focusing on technical problems with the method step by step. Sometimes, so that readers understand more, also included a picture or graphic. This is somewhat similar to the free e-course. You can see this type of article on this blog or this blog. If you want to write articles of this type is, I remind once again, make the style of your own, unique style, a style different from the others. By imitating the style of others, blog visitors will not feel you find something new on your blog. Blog you will never be successful. Because the blog that you write an example style, has been more progress ahead of your blog. Blog you will not be seen by people. Read my article is this, to understand more about this error.

How? Have you set the type of article to your blog? Happy writing ...

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LazyKing says:

Great post, very informative. But I dont believe the Alexa thing.

PS: cool blog, thanks for adding me

Khery Sudeska says:

You do not believe? That's OK...:D. Thanks, my friend...

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