Why do visitors choose your Blog? This is the answer!

Posted on Friday, June 26, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Hi, friends and visitors of this blog altogether. Once again I call you, let's enjoy blogging!

Building blog traffic is not easy. Need patience and consistency. In addition, many evaluation and correction that you must do on your blog. You may feel comfortable and satisfied with the view your blog. But, for how your visitors? You may feel have made a good content. But, according to how your visitor? What's wrong from my blog? Then you also become saturated and stop blogging.

Don’t! Do not be first! Ssssttt ... Come, it's here! I will whisper something to you. But, remember this is only between me and you. Do not say, on the other. Earlier you asked, what must you do to your blog to be the choice for visitors? Okay, read this carefully.

1. Efficiency

This applies to both parties, you and your visitors. Is it efficiency? Something can be efficient if the comparison Ouput and Input is greater than one. Output / Input > 1. Output for the blog you are a visitor they bother to visit your blog. Provide time, energy, and money to be able to in your blog page. That's a sacrifice. Then they get a bigger input in form of information is very valuable and they need from your blog. What they sacrifice is not ultimately useless. Then they become addicted to return to your blog. Visiting your blog because it is an efficient job.

So also with you. Development blog that you have to do efficiently. How efficient meaning for you? Please understand your own. He .. he ...

2. Quality

Yes, your blog must be qualified. What are the quality of your blog? Quality should include two things, the weight and value. Weight of your blog is covering the power, role, and importance of your blog for visitors to your blog. Meanwhile, the value of your blog for visitors is the use of cover, meaning, and the benefits obtained from your blog visitors. Clearly, is not it?

3. Services

Yes. This is a business. Employment blogging has become a business for you. Therefore, you need to improve services for your visitors your blog. Make your blog into a comfortable home for visitors. Display the bait. Contents that are useful. Answer comments wisely. Engage your visitors kidding, in the post, or comment on the page. Make your visitors laugh and take comfort in your blog. So, when they were was a problem, or may be in stricken saturation, your blog is the place where they entertain themselves.

4. Commitment

You must be a commitment to yourself and to your blog visitors. Create a regular posting schedule. So, the visitors your blog has been out at any time in the latest blog postings you. Rarely post and the post is too often does not equal good. Rarely posting lazy to make visitors view your blog. Too often the post will make the visitors follow your blog distress. Schedule only two posts in a week or three posts in a week when you are.

How? Easy is not it?


patahati says:

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