Heeiiyy...! What options are you? Blogspot or Wordpress?

Posted on Monday, June 22, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Let's enjoy blogging! Blogsphere is extraordinary. Each day, more and more just pop a new blog, including my blog this, he ... he ... Incalculable amount. Blogging is their goal varied; reflection of thought, expression of feelings, and also including business.

From what I see and learn in the internet world, they are working in online business since long time, where they first use the website as a place of promotion and selling, even at this time also involved making the blog. They are doing through the blog. Although, they do not blog for Enable hard selling, but they do soft selling through their blogs. Why? Because the blog is a means of people to interact. Our people. Needed for the human interaction between each other. Unlike web sites which speak only their own.

Many options for the blogging. Such as Blogger or Blogspot, WordPress, Multiply, Blogdrive, and others. Today, I will talk about the two blogs the most widely used at this time, the Blogger and WordPress. What are the similarities of both? And what are the advantages to be both?

According to me, they have three similarities. What is?

1. Good and free. They seem to very understand the human desires. Humans want to choose a good and free love that he .. he .., although in Worpress have paid versions.

2. Easy to use. To make it, you live to follow the instructions in several steps, and your blog is so. Before the post is published, you can preview it first.

3. There are many options template (theme). You can choose and change the template with the template that you like. View their selection template here or here.

Well, what the benefits of Blogger?

1. Blogger is owned by Google. Who does not know Google? The King of Search Engine. All web sites and blogs snatch, steal the attention of Google, so indexed in the Search Engine it.

2. Can change the design. To edit the CSS file, you can change the design according to your wishes.

3. Google Adsense can be installed. The majority of people who already get money from Adsense, using the free blog, usually using Blogger. Of course, once again, Adsense and Blogger is owned by Google. By using Blogger, Adsense application approved more easily. In fact, in WordPress can, but must use the paid version.

My friends in BlogCatalog using Blogger as purnachender, Ellie Great, EljSimo, n3os, andinputri, Bactocyn, seenthingme, wit, FredSr2009, burmesedays, monitamonin, and MissSuzie.

So, what advantages WordPress?

1. Having the feature category. This is easier for owners and visitors to the blog. The owner of a blog is easy to determine the scope of the topics will be discussed, and visitors to easily search for blog topics of interest. In WordPress, this feature automatically appear. In fact, in the Blogger can also appear, but need a little effort.

2. It is easy to communicate. This is the most superior Worpress primary. That is, can pingback or trackback. I often say, blog is a means of interacting. In addition to providing comments, pingback or trackback is a means to communicate with the owner of another blog.

3. There are statistics. Available in the WordPress plug in that can display the statistics, either daily, weekly, or monthly. There is also information about the number of users of each page and the keyword. All this information is important to monitor the development of your blog. So you can take the appropriate action for the development of your blog.

My friends in BlogCatalog using WordPress is timethief, Rocky Lemuel Garcia, alvaris, and timethief again.

You surely have other opinions about the advantages of Blogger and WordPress. Or you want to share this experience with blogging using Blogger or WordPress. And for those of you who do not own a blog, let's join discussions here. Friends who have experienced such timethief, Ellie Great, purnachender, and others certainly will not be reluctant to share the experience with you. For, the blogger is being who want to interact. What are you waiting for? Let's blogging! Reflection is yourself, Express your feelings, and your business a success! hte42xzc6q

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hi fren , blogspot here !! god bless u

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hi! Nice blog here.. its a simply super...

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