Reel Sector Is Assessed Can Overcome Global Chartered Investment Counsel Crisis

Posted on Friday, February 27, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Global chartered investment counsel crisis always taken place until now must be faced together in order not to affect is broader again. One of its way is by developing reel sector, because this sector assessed will be able to overcome the chartered investment counsel crisis.

Related of that thing, Vice Governor of Riau HR. Mambang Mit to journalist in Pekanbaru invites all side in Riau to move this reel sector as well as possiblely. Only with reel sector this is this global crisis can be faced," he said.

Because according to him, with this reel sector will open of opportunity of wide job for public. Even with moving of this sector, the low of invesity and height of number disconnection of the relation of job can be overcome.

Mentioned it, moves this reel sector must be started in countrysides. Because besides more public lived in rural areas, its potency is also at countrysides. " If this reel sector can be moved, hence there will be no problem again with disconnection of the relation of job or unemployment," he said.

What is clear, said Mambang Mit again, this sector will hold up from terpaan crisis storm happened. This thing have been proven, when economic crisis happened the year 1997 then, middle small business sector simply can always stays. " Though that moment many big industrys gone broke ," sharpness.

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