Two New Oilwells Is found in Block Sago, Lirik

Posted on Friday, February 27, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

From result of seismic study of 3 D done by business unit Pertamina exploration of production (UBP-EP) Lirik, sub-province Indragiri Hulu, finally is found two new wells in oil field Block Sago, Lirik. Seismic itself is done UBP-EP since two last year.

Well firstly is found in point of P4, under base races airport Japura to have wide more or less 1 x 3 Km. While external having second well around 0,5 x 2,5 Km with each depth more or less 100 metre.

Field Manager UBP-EP Pertamina of Lirik, Priyandoyo tells, from each this well later will be targeted can produce commodity exchange incorporated around 150 barrels per day. Its plan drilling will be done during the month of finite June of coming July.

About how many the commodity exchange incorporated back up in the existing Block Sago, operation principal UBP-EP Pertamina Lirik, Firdaus mentions back up total which still consisting in in this block around 33,6 million barrels. Number of the are estimated will stay until coming 70 years, if it is exploited around 400-500 barrels per day.

He mentions the commodity exchange incorporated back up number pertained is big so that later can become economics backbone of public in this area. " In consequence we canvass for from public and government for always manages it," added him again.

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