Enthusiastic Korea Woke Up Power Plant in Riau

Posted on Sunday, March 8, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Enthusiastic South Korea Private Sector built two power plant (power station) coal burning barium in Riau Province; each in Pulau Padamaran, Rokan Hilir, and in Rengat, Indragiri Hulu.

Governor of Riau HM. Rusli Zainal with regent Rokan Hilir Anas Ma'mun signs MoU with President & CEO Korea Midland Power Co. Ltd, Bae Sung Ki, in Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta, Saturday (3/7).

Signing of cooperation executed in event " Indonesia - Korea CEO BUSINESS DIALOGUE" witnessed second goverment direct of state. From Indonesia witness The Minister of Economics Sri Mulyani Indrawati and The Minister of Trade Marie Elka Pangestu.

Besides authirized signatory of MoU with Riau, governmental and South Korea private sector coming with President Lee-Myung-Bak, also signs six other projects with investment total value plan (including for Riau) around USD 6 billion. Sixth of MoU is signed between Koreas Energy Management Corporation of Korea with the Government DKI JAKARTA, Gas Korea Corp with PT. Pertamina, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology of Korea with Department of Oceanic and Fishery, Korea Energy Management Corp. with the Government Gorontalo, Korea Export Insurance Corp with PT. Indonesia Export Insuramnce and Korea Midland Power Orient FA Machinary Samsung C & Tee Corp. with Medcopapua Industri Lestari.

In the description to mass media after finishing of signing of MoU, Governor of Riau HM. Rusli Zainal mentions this cooperation is continuation from government plan to build power station 10000 MW in all Indonesia. Simply, Rusli said, enthusiastic investor to build power this plant in Riau is South Korean entrepreneur.

In detail, has not may simply number of mega- watts which will be built by the side of Korea in two places in Riau. But for four p’s Pulau Padamaran is planned by 2 x 250 MW. " This isn't it MoU has just. Be still being done further hawker by both parties ," said Gubernur.

According to Rusli, Riau of course requires electrics in gross to fulfill demand of public and industry that is always springs up. For household prospecting customer only, said him, noted 80000 new applicants of which must be chockablock soon.

He hopes, after this MoU soon is done in the form of action so that electrical requirement for this area can be overcome step by step.

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