Bank Syari'ah More And More Thrives in Riau

Posted on Monday, February 23, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Even still many publics has not comprehended Bank Syariah system, but Bank Syariah increasingly thrives in Riau, especially in Pekanbaru. From year to year number of Bank Syariah in Pekanbaru continuously increases many.

That thing is told Riau chartered investment counsel observer, Deliarnov after event of workshop is having theme " Reinforcement Specifics of Countryside Autonomy with Improvement and Enableness of Malay Culture Wisdom” in Riau governor office, Monday (2/23).

Deliarnov tells, prospect Bank Syariah in Pekanbaru in coming would more went forward if this Moslem law system always socialized to public. " Socialization must be done always that public is more recognizingly it," expressed him again.

Deliarnov doesn't slap down that some of the existing publics still tending to applies conventional bank service. This thing it is of course is caused them in advance recognizes conventional bank compared to Bank Syariah.

Public it is of course cannot be forced must apply Bank Syariah, because public Riau compound still with different opinion sight. " We will let is just chooses banking system which they to like," adds him.

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