Malaysia’s Small Fish Starts Piercing Market in Riau

Posted on Sunday, February 8, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

If till now member of Riau hardly favourite consumes small fish fish from Tanjung Pinang, but likely that thing will end. Because the existing has started steps into Riau small fish fish of Malaysia which the taste is easier and crispy.

But small fish fish of this Malaysia had not so shelf distribution in markets in Riau. For the existing, this small fish fish only found in Pasar Kampar (Market of Kampar) is opening once as of week namely at Sunday only.

If you are vexed to feel this Malaysia small fish fish, enough comes to located market more or less 5 Km from Danau Bingkuang Bridge towards Bangkinang. So reachs the market enough asking to trader there, where place of sale of small fish fish Malaysia.

Because most all traders recognizes Malaysia small fish fish, hence you will surely be shown to the place. The price of this small fish fish nor costlier compared to small fish fish from Tanjungpinang recognized till now. Trader sells it with the price of between Rp. 60 thousand finite of Rp. 65 thousand per kilogram.

Small fish fish Malaysia sold in this market also is consisted of various types. There is king sized, medium and there is also is small fairish. " If me usually buys small fairish small fish fish because more crispy," express Rita, one of the buyer.

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