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Posted on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

My complete name is Khery Sudeska. But my kith call me Egy. A nickname which is totally not related to my complete name. He..he..

This Blog has just started I am management. So, in tematic has not is directional and trapeze at one particular consistent discussion fundamental. But, forwards, this blog discussion would increasingly directional. Discussion focus which I wish to wake up is business problem, chartered investment counsel, and investment. If clarified again, I will study about business gimmicks, finds simple business idea giving remarkable production impact, way of strarting business, management of business, business leadership, and other things related to business. And is including also economic analysis and investment related to business discussion which I am intention.

It is of course you enquires; which business world I debate would? Because this is online world, hence this business discussion its direction would many to online business. But, I will not isolate xself to all audience is taking an interest in offline business. Because basically the business principle not too different far at offline and also online business. Though at its journey is later both the business there is many real difference.

I also will study problem blogging in the bearing to optimization of business. On that account, didn't surprise when a my time also will talk SEO and blog traffic. Though the problem of this of I confess I am not as of expert of the masters blogger which has in advance and world eat something of the home stripper blogging.

Oh, yes. The problem of reasoning of science, I am a Master of Agribusiness Management.

That is just formerly about me, later we would be far are each other more recognizes through articles in this blog. Possibly my articles not too much the benefit for you. I am but a beginner. Your attention to blog this is later which will make this blog grows. All criticisms and suggestion building I to take in good part.

Best Regards From Me,

Khery Sudeska