Governor of Riau Receives Quait Investor and Lebanon

Posted on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Governor of Riau HM. Rusli Zainal, Sunday (2/22), night is having place of in Hotel Mulia, Senayan, Jakarta, receives a number of Quaiti investors and Lebanon. The the investors confess interesting inculcates the investment in Lancang Kuning Land (epithet for Riau Province).

"Riau is not even strategic geographically, because verging on direct with neighbouring state like Malaysia and Singapore, but Riau also has big remarkable potency," decompose Rusli when explaining potency of Riau in front of the the investors.

For that is, assertive of Rusli, government of Riau province copes invites the investors to inculcate its legal capital in Riau by giving amenity in bureaucracy and regulation.

"We have formed service office of one rooves. We also forms a body so called Complaint Board where the feeling getting disadvantage investors can submit the complain and we directly gives solution," commented Rusli again.

The investors which majority played at in commodity exchange incorporated area and the gas express not only interests to invest in in commodity exchange incorporated area and gas, but jugadi other area like infrastructure, plantation, forestry and other.

"Riau is not even rich migas would, but in other sector, like plantation, forestry and fishery of Riau has big remarkable potency," says Rusli as great as laying open that the existing of impetous medium Riau looks for interesting investor develops downstream industry from palm (CPO).

Rusli also tells that the existing, have been many the Middle Eeastward investors inculcating its legal capital in Riau, like Yaman in Dumai (industrial area) and Qatar in sub-province, Inhu (electrical area of embers stone energy).

Therefore, Rusli on behalf of public of Riau with open hands receives the Quaiti investors and Lebanon. " We expect, after this meeting, you has invests in in Riau," he said.

Partakes present to consort Rusli for example development planning body principal of area of Riau Emrizal Pakis, Head Of BPMI Riau Faisal Qomar Karim, principal on duty communication Ruslaini Rachman, principal on duty mining M. Lafiz, Head Of Link Body of Riau in Jakarta Tarmizi Natar and Head of public relations of Riau Chairul Riski.

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