Secret Blog as a Tool to Make Business a Tremendous

Posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Previously, a blog is only used as a case expression. Whether it is personal or group expression. This expression can be thought about the situation of social, politic, economic, cultural, and others. Or can also expression of joy, such as tourism and the arts. But, the blog and then evolved into a business tool, marketing tool. Blog is no longer merely a vessel expression only. Also used the blog for the money, the money reach the overflow from the blog. Even to get money from this blog, the work this blog has become a profession. They called Blogger.

How the blog as a business tool or a tremendous marketing tool? Is not difficult. Just need a persistence, patience, and focus. Because it is not necessarily when you created your blog and your blog will direct the visitor busy. You must continue to optimize your blog. How to optimize your blog?

Evaluate your blog. Make changes and improvements to the content and display your blog. Then measure how far the changes you make to blog has been successfully increase your blog visitors.

This blog is also not many visitors to this blog and also aims for business. I also have to continue to learn and work to optimize this blog. I never say; Business is Learning by Doing. Here are some criteria that blog content will make you busy visit.

1. You must know what content is needed, such as your blog visitors. And make sure it is available in your blog. Not just available, but it make visitors happy with what you serve.

2. Tips. Blog aimed at a successful business always presents things that are useful for readers. Tips is one of the many types selected. Why? Because visitors need to be able to guide as you follow your success. Tips are also preferred because it is easy to understand, load stages that clearly, so that their practice is easy.

3. Show your personal impression on visitors to your blog, such as your hobbies, favorite books, and others. The visitors want to know all of that. To replicate the success you impressions, sometimes faithful blog readers you will also follow that which you do often in your daily life. Remember, when many who are interested with your blog, you will become a celebrity in your visitor's eyes. He .. he ..

4. Manage your blog faithful visitor. The response is always the questions, desires, and your blog readers comment. And even better, you respond with a visitor comment a post.

5. Gratitute lofty ideals you, such as increasing economic growth through a blog, build brotherhood and peace through a blog, eradicate poverty through the blog, and others. He .. he .. Why not?

This is only part of the course, you may have a different opinion? Please ...

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