One Week in Malacca

Posted on Friday, June 5, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

I do not intend for there to picnic or tourism. I do not intend to go to enjoy the beauty of joyful culture and the arts there. And this is not also travel with the interests of business especially related to investment in the country. Only one interest; accompany my father treatment.

Pain due to stones in the kidney that have suffered its chronic, the purpose of making this trip makes me a little sad. Throughout the trip across the Malacca strait, I saw the face of my father with feelings of compassion. I see sadness and desperation is there. Face pale. Highlight the dim eyes that stare sea I want to make him embrace that time also. After my mother away forever, my father's health is very much decreased. Indeed, the beloved is the soul. When the soul goes, the soul is lost in part with the beloved.

During a week in Malacca, for it also I never dealt with a blog, SEO, my business, and others. My father was not only kidney disease. Stomach inflammation that also affects its results after the diagnosis the doctor. This ultimately makes the body weak. This fact makes me more sad.

My grief is not only because of this course. My relationship is a little distracted with my beloved, the more also is injured. I never thought-out, why she does not want to understand the conditions that I experienced at this time. Why does not she pay attention when I am very need her.

Along the Malacca river this I often think I am alone and thinking about my father, imagine my mother, my brothers, and Riau. This image is not my self, because I did not bring the camera to get there. Because it does not have intention to travel or tourism. I took this photo from However, this picture where I am right in the brooder. In the stones, along the Malacca river that I often sit alone thinking about themselves. Every afternoon and every night.

So, a trip to Malacca is not a fun trip. And sorry, I just want to share with you.

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Joddie says:
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Ibu Ayra says:
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Khery Sudeska says:

Thank's for all..

hendri yedi says:

Pardon me for always provide the comments that are not useful, I really do not know of the problems encountered at this time. I know when reading this posting, suggestions, patience, and I still made this as a form of examination and affection to you. and keep the spirit of God in the life of this ... a good friend always there when you need it!

Khery Sudeska says:

@Hendri Yedi: Thank's very much, my friend...

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