Knew You? The Business is Learning by Doing!

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Does you still confusing wish to start your business? You has not found business idea which suited for you starts? Or you has found the business idea, but you still hesitate to start it because you feels the business idea has not hackneyed or is acurate. Temporary, time was passing by without you realized. You still stay in anxiety. Though time was one of investment of most valuable you. People tells time was money. Wastes in time in doubt to mean wastes in many opportunities to get money.

Does you stay in condition of like the one my outlin in upper. If you say "yes", my suggestion soon starts you business. Business is not thing having to become perfection straight off. Many people has set mind on plunges to business world, offline and also online, but they seldom direct able to execute business idea they are for soon can yield money and multiplies its value. Or on the way business they always continuously covered by unsure taste of x'self has chosen correct idea or no.

Though business basically is Learning by Doing. Correctness, while always our learning also must do what which have been studied. That way, any is idea which you are egg can soon is brooded on and hatchs perfection.

One you things that need to register in starts or executes you business idea; " Doesn'T Have Ever Rationalized Your Idea!!!". Yes, doesn't you have ever done that...

Is that disease which so called " Rationalization of Idea"? I give a lead. Does you have have ever resided in at one particular condition that you has found an business idea, say you wish to sell bread. You had thought of the idea long time back, and finally your choice falls at one of bread type. But then when will start you to think again was bread type which you sells has pertained on unique and draws for you prospect. And you also thinks has you priced proper for the price of bread which you sells. Then, you peeps at at other bread seller which you are taste he has made and sells a real interesting bread with a real delicious taste. Your doubt to start sells ever greater bread hence. Even until you are unconvinced again that bread which you sold to very attractive. You are until believes that that bread which you sells likely shall not delicious. Then you are thinks again to find new idea for your business. You finally doesn't become also bread.

That is which I am intention with " Rationalization of Idea". That is resistance in coming from business yourself x'self. If you knows, this is the biggest resistance in having business compared to threat coming from external environment your business. Though, again, the business is learning by doing. Doesn't have ever thought that better other idea from idea which you select;chooses the existing. You will never know how far you to do mistake in choosing idea when you doesn't start it is here and now. Without executing you business idea soon, you will never know truth in victory and or your mistake in having business.

What with you? Does you have executed the idea in your mind?

3 Responses to "Knew You? The Business is Learning by Doing!":

Muklis says:

Starting the steps of what you think is the first step towards your success. Yes nice post friend, learning by doing is better than just talk, more explain will find something new, thanks for your visiting on BBM, have a nice dream

Khery Sudeska says:

@Muklis: Thanks, my friend...

Lily Ferliansyah says:
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