Six Strategic Approachs of Agribusiness in Indonesia

Posted on Saturday, April 25, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Indonesia, in replying competition challenge of agribusiness in global market, needs six strategic approachs.

Firstly, identifies is correct natural resources would assumed is excellence of Indonesia comparability compared to other state.

Second, mapping of transparent natural resources potency for public causing draws investment enthusiasm and facilitates corporate world to calculate financial impact of investment plan.

Third, strategic policy and concreete plan to increase agriculture productivity.

Fourth, clear agriculture strategy for three different market types, domestic market, industry and export.

Fifth, inwrought approach and role which more real started from government, college and the farmers.

Sixth, proper and fair price system so that farmer also can live is competent and motivates them to continue business.

Globalization of course has challenge and opportunity. But with number of a real big residents, very potential Indonesia as target of market and investment.

A real brotherly Natural Resources and climate also must be considered as a excellence potency of comparability which must be showed, passed inwrought business seriously Indonesian to determine expansion focus, so that all peripatetic party supports direction of the potency.

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