Four BUMD Property Of The Government of Riau Province has Given Gain

Posted on Sunday, April 12, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Out of six business bodies property of Riau Province (BUMD) what build government of Riau Province, only two just BUMD which had not given inclusion. While four other BUMD has given deviden.

Fourth of BUMD which has given deviden is PT. Bank Riau, PT. Riau Airlines, PT. Public Chartered Investment Counsel Company, and PD. Sarana Pembangunan Riau (SPR). " Even PT. Bank Riau had given gain to Riau since the year 2006 then," express secretary of area Riau Wan Syamsir Yus in Pekanbaru.

He tells two BUMD which has not given the contribution is PT. Riau Petrolium and PT. Investment Company Riau ( PT. PIR). For both this BUMD, government of Riau Province has planned will improve; repair its the weaknesss so that later will become BUMD which healthy.

Meanwhile Vice Government of Riau Province HR. Mambang Mit mentions, even contribution PT. Riau Petrolium and PT. PIR has not is exist, but second existence of BUMD still be required. Both BUMD able to be corrected that later can yield gain.

"Became we didn't despair formerly, but must remain to optimism. If this year both BUMD still had not can give contribution, possibly next year can," express Mambang Mit with a real optimism tone.

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