13 Thousand Rice Fields in Riau is Unemployed Will Be Functioned Again

Posted on Monday, March 23, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Operation of Riau Makmur Food (OPRM) 2013 targeting various programs to be optimal area of rice field. Including doing rehabilitation of rice field is unemployed (RST) to quicken exercise OPRM. Targeted 13126,83 Rice field hectares unemployed to be functioning returned.

Head Of Management of Farm and field crop water and horticulture, on duty field crop and horticulture of Riau Province Hendri tells, exploiting of RST to realize OPRM. To reach rice field wide target 100 thousand Hektar, besides exploiting RST also is done management of new rice field targeted reachs 18765,10 Hectares.

"This RST is rice field which been printed by on duty Public Work (PU) and on duty field crop of Riau Province, the farm didn't function again. Whereas area of which is not is exploited in Riau the numbers reachs 228127 hectares," says Hendri.

Hendri also tells, effort done by government to do acceleration of improvement of productivity is by increasing Indeks cropping (IP) 100 or once plants in one year becomes IP 200 or twice plants in one year. But word Hendri, realized 2007 then exploiting of IP 200 still be small has just reached 23492 Hectares, while IP 100 reaching 105363 Hectares.

"To increase IP 100 becoming IP 200 needing management of source of water by building big scale water pump. Can also is done by exploiting source of water out of four great rivers namely Kampar, Indragiri, Rokan and Siak," sharpness.

Hendri also lays open, the activity need to be supported with other activity like management of source of water, development of irrigation channel and arranges water use. Besides, other business like usage of equipment and agricultural machine, calcification of farm, improved seed usage, control OPT, farming road-works, applying of crop conducting with absorbtion of pre-eminent technology has just and counselling to farmer.

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