What's Wrong On My Blog?

Posted on Friday, July 17, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Hello, all friends. Enjoy your weekend. Hopefully the fun.

I present again, to fill your leisure time. I hope, the discussion is not heavy, but useful for all of you.

This time, I still talk about blogging. Indeed, talking about blogging is very interesting. The blogging world is very attractive people at this time. Those who are new to blogs, they want to create a blog. Who already have blogs, they want a successful blog.

Here, I have tips for you to avoid many errors in the blog that you maintain. How? You're ready to read? Oops! Do not tense. Chill out. These are the mistakes that I mean.

1. Does not have a sincere intention. Intention your blogging will affect your blog content. If your intention is not sincere, your blog content will be haphazard. Have a sincere intention to provide useful information for everyone. If the information in your blog useful to other people, surely they will be like with your blog.

2. Promotions are straightforward. Perhaps, one of the goals of your blogging, is a business. But do not do hard selling in your blog. This will make visitors run from your blog. The blog is a place for people to interact, find the information useful, comments, ask questions, and reply. If you want to sell something in your blog, do soft selling, so that your blog into a successful business tool.

3. Does not have a lot of articles. Blog you should have quite a lot of articles. If your blog is still new, you have at least ten articles that have been posted. This will show you are serious or not in the blogging. Visitors will not like the blogger who is not serious in blogging. If your article a lot, visitors will be interested to browse the entire contents of your blog. This blog, also including the new blog, but I hope the entire article useful to you.

4. Wrong in choosing a blog topic. About this I have been posting. You can read it here.

5. Using the default template. Although the content your blog interesting and different, but visitors will be difficult to differentiate your blog with other blogs if your blog looks the same. Look for a template to be interesting and different.

6. Too often writing a controversial article. Sometimes, writing a controversial article which will make your blog visitors busy. But do not too often. The result will be not productive. Can be, visitors who do not like with your blog, they will spread the information that your blog is not worthy to visit.

7. Blog content does not match the brand image of the blog. Since the beginning of creating a blog, think about your brand that will be built. When the content and appearance did not fit with your brand, definitely not a good result. Visitors will notice a discrepancy between the brand of your campaign right to the content and appearance that you use.

8. No internal links. We suggest, each post has a link to another post. This will make it easier for visitors to obtain additional information in accordance with the articles you write.

9. Often the post, but decreased the quality of the article. You already read my post this? Often the post is good, so that your blog is always up to date. But, note also the quality. Do not to decrease. Strive that your brilliant idea is not lost because too often the post. Let's enjoy blogging!

10. Too many ads. As I described in my two points, may be the purpose of your blogging to earn money. But, not too many ads on your blog. This will make your blog look ugly, and make a page loading will be the heavy. People are lazy to open the blog to its heavy loading.

11. Not patient. For new bloggers (including me, he..he..he..), must be patient to achieve success. Not in the history of blogging, your blog made this day, next day you direct visitors crowded blog. No, and never so. You must be patient and consistent in developing your blog. Once again, let's enjoy blogging!

How, my friends? Hopefully this information is useful for you. When you have success, do not forget, notify me. Okay?

4 Responses to "What's Wrong On My Blog?":

bundadontworry says:

what a usefull information i get here on your article,
what do you think about my blog as you vosit my blog already.
my blog talking about religion and some tips about
''how to..........''
thank you.
best regards.

Khery Sudeska says:

@bundadontworry: Your blog is very informative, Bunda...

bebi says:

thanks for the information. Merry christmas!

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