This is the Four Errors In Choosing Blog Topics

Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Several days ago, I was talking about how to have business success through the blog. But remember, I was talking about the blog business. Blog aimed at business that I mean not the blogs that have topics of business. Blog that you can only have made any topic you like, but aims to get money from the blog that you maintain. That's what I intend to blog with the aim of business.

Today, I will talk about four mistakes in selecting a blog topic. Blog topic is very important. Blog topic that you select determine the very busy or not your blog visitors. Error in choosing the topic will be proportionate to its quiet straight with your blog visitors. When a visitor quiet, it will be very difficult for you to get money from the blog that you maintain. Topics that will be appropriate to make your blog into a successful business tool is outstanding.

So, what are the four errors?

The first; impersonating another blog topic. Most beginner blogger (talking about beginner course, including me, he .. he) blog topic imitative of others. See other people successful blog with a particular topic, They create a blog with the same topic. Remember, the blog topics imitate other people will never make you become a top, you only blog will always be number two. Blog of others have been far more successful with the first topic, while you just start. There are so many ideas that can be raised in this Internet world. Never thought you locked on one idea only because the blog to see other people succeed. Be yourself.

Second error; the topic you like but not many people interested. In the blogging, we are very encouraged to develop a topic that we like. That will make you enjoy blogging. But, also very important to know how many people will be interested in the topic of your blog develop. How do I know how many people will be interested in a particular topic? You can use the Good Keywords tool. If you like, you can download the tool here for free. By using the tool, adjust it's a topic that you select with the number of people seeking information about the topic.

Third error, the topic does not understand you. This will be very dangerous. In addition you will make a lost, you will also make many other people lost. This will also make you very tortured in blogging activities.

Error fourth; topic your blog is not the focus. Selecting a topic or a broad topic that will not consistently make the visitor confused with your blog. Meaning that visitors want to get enlightenment from your blog to become even more confused because they do not find the solution of your blog. And this will make visitors run away from your blog. Look at this blog, the topic always focus on development. So, try to choose topics that are the focus. If interested in two particular areas they still try it relates.

Well, so this time we talk. You still have the chance to change your blog's topic is wrong. Measure and evaluation is an error that you have made with many visitors or not your blog. You make a mistake that is not the end of everything. Because the business is learning by doing.

Perhaps you have a different opinion? Let's discuss.

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