Permit From Port of Dumai Applied till end of 2009

Posted on Friday, January 9, 2009 by Khery Sudeska

Vesting of special permit for port of Dumai Riau to be entrance imported food and beverage product is estimated applies till end of 2009. This also if negotiation of agreement of border trade (BTA) between Indonesia-Malaysia can be be finished on schedule.

"That will be adapted for BTA. Thorough fare temporary would (special permit of that). If BTA completed, hence will be seen again development in Pelabuhan Dumai how," said Director-General of Same Job of Department International Trade of Commerce of Gusmardi Bustami in Jakarta.

Gusmardi explains, government of Indonesia and Malaysia will continuing discussion at June 2009 and expected can be finished of this year. " We will meet again at June 2009. If has not there are agreement, possibly will be continued and studied again the substance," he said.

According to him, BTA applied is the existing is result of agreement with between two states at 1970. Therefore, need to be adapted for the existing condition. " Hopefully will be able to be finalized (at 2009)," he said.

Based on agreement of the year 1970, border trade Indonesia-Malaysia only enable for the price of 600 Ringgits of Malaysia per people. Besides, which included in the agreement only frontier landed only.

But Indonesia proposes entering of port closest between two states like port Dumai. " is just for requirement of local public. Spirit of BTA is how increasing prosperity of public in that area. Its value assumed to be non commercial, namely there is no tax or import cost," says it.

Before all, The Minister of Trade Marie Elka Pangestu tells, vesting of permit for port of Dumai to be entrance imported temporary food and beverage only. Namely while bes awaiting agreement of border trade with Malaysia completed is negotiation.

"Dumai assumes is just as special case, because its near by four p’s aspect of frontier Malaysia. But imported it we to limit only food and beverage for local public," said Marie.

Now, government of Indonesia and Malaysia in pursuance of negotiation of agreement of border trade entering port of Dumai in enlisting commerce entrance two states.

"We are preparing is border trade agreement with Malaysia, because Dumai has not entered in agreement. BTA for public in frontier of there are its value limit and type as in Nunukan," says Marie.

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